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Like a chameleon, Tm Déco

is at your disposal,

to understand, adapt, create a space that suits you. Advise you and accompany you in creation, layout, and the decoration of your interior spaces, that it is your place of life (apartment, house ...) or your professional space.


Where to start in your project?

Whether private or professional, at first, it is necessary to meet and discuss.

This contact is important to know yourself, and understand your needs, your ideas, your desires.


Then, depending on your inspirations and mine we establish together a first specifications that will allow us to follow a guideline in the development of your project, always in phase of course with a budget previously defined!

This then involves taking sides for the development of 2D, 3D and visual rendering. As well as the specifications for all the works to be performed as (masonry, electricity, painting, plumbing, joiner and furniture) in case of monitoring the project.

The colour

It is difficult to imagine a world without colors. In our life, they are present in the first image we see, but also in the last one.


When embarking on a deco project, choosing colors in line with our style and our interior is sometimes a challenge. Colors change our perception of a room: warm, bright, refined, sophisticated ... especially as they also have an impact on our mood! Some are relaxing, reassuring; others can have a toning and invigorating effect.


Warm colors / cool colors

The perception that we have of the colors leads to divide the chromatic circle in two parts: the warm colors (yellow, orange and red) and the cold colors (blue, green and purple). This again is a simplified representation, because each color can actually be hot or cold depending on its nuances. But this distinction is to be kept in mind when trying to create a particular atmosphere in a room:

  • The warm colors bring pep. They are perfect for places of life and exchanges like cooking. Very present, they give the impression of shrinking space and are therefore also conducive to intimate and cozy environments.

  • In contrast, cold colors have the ability to visually enlarge a room. Appreciated for their soothing effect, they are often chosen for rest rooms such as the bedroom.

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