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Your project in 3 steps


We organize a visit directly on the site, to understand your project and your expectations.


In the days following the visit, sending a mission statement and drafting specifications for the design to be validated.


After validation and signature of the Specifications and Quotation we start the design study mission and our support.

The interior design mission,

may include the following points depending on your request:

  • Plans of preliminary project: Representation in 2D Plans of arranged places (Before / After).
  • Modeling: Lot of graphic pieces of representation in 3D Image, realistic visual or sketch. (adaptable by us according to the project).

  • Council: General advice in interior architecture, decoration, development, project management or budget for the areas concerned by the study.

  • Shopping list: Detailed listing of the furniture, lighting, textiles, with the places of purchase, which can be integrated into the project.

  • Estimation of the Budget: an estimate of the preliminary draft is quantified according to the solutions and choices selected by the owner at the end of the study.

  • Plans of execution: 2D plans listed, for the implementation of the project by the craftsmen.

  • Administrative steps: Deposit of building permit <150m2 or Prior request of works <20m2

At the end of the design study mission, handing over the necessary documents for the implementation of the project, With this file, you will be able to entrust us the mission of follow-up of realization in your building site of interior decoration and decoration or start the installation of your project via specialized companies or free to you to carry out the works.

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